3 Tips To Increase The Efficiency Of Your Furnace

Colder weather can often become unbearable without the aid of a heating device.  In anticipation of colder weather, many homeowners opt to install heating devices in their homes. A furnace is often the most common choice. While this addition will provide much-needed relief from the cold air, it will also result in an increase in spending. As a result, it is important for a furnace to work as efficiently as possible without any problems. Fortunately, there are three tips that will increase the overall performance of your furnace.

Seal Air Ducts Properly

Air ducts are responsible for carrying air throughout your home.  In order to perform this task well the ducts need to be sealed using duct tape or duct mastic. Ducts that are poorly sealed or that become unsealed allow air to escape into other areas. This high leakage causes the furnace to work harder to replace the air that is lost. Overworking your furnace is an easy way to increase your energy bill.  Your furnace will eventually break down because it does not have the ability to keep up.

Remove Unnecessary Air Ducts 

It is essential that air ducts are only installed in spaces that are used regularly. If you do not use your attic frequently then it is unnecessary to install ducts in this area.  This will only increase your energy costs. Your furnace uses more energy to heat up the additional areas of your home.  Removing unnecessary ducts from your attic space will help to keep energy costs as low as possible.

Regularly Monitor Safety Mechanisms

A household furnace may overheat for a number reasons. If this does happen the furnace is equipped with a safety mechanism which includes a thermostat. Once the thermostat reads that the temperature inside the furnace surpasses a set boundary, it will shut the furnace off. If your safety mechanisms are faulty it will be difficult for your furnace to read whether or not it is too hot. As a result, the furnace will continue working and consuming energy until it burns out. Although faulty safety controls waste energy, they also create a safety concern. It is vital to regularly monitor the thermostat on your furnace in order to certify the safety of your home.

While a furnace provides additional warmth this should not be at the expense of your energy bill. Now you can use these tips to increase the efficiency of your furnace.

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