Tips To Avoid Plumbing Issues At A Child's Party

Hosting a child's birthday party can be quite fun, but it can also put a lot of stress on your plumbing. This is especially true if a lot of small children will be present, since often places like the restroom become a place for play as opposed to just using the facilities. The following tips can help you avoid plumbing catastrophes during the event.

Tip #1: Secure cabinets and doors

Children can try to flush surprising things. Chances are you already have child locks on your medicine cabinets, but you may not consider locking other drawers or closets in the bathroom. Yet, just because your child would never try to flush a toothbrush or washrag doesn't mean that one of their friends might not be tempted. Install some simple child safety locks on every drawer, cabinet, and door before the party, or at least take the time to empty these cabinets and drawers out before any guests arrive.

Tip #2: Flatten your roll

A common issue with small children in the bathroom is overuse of toilet paper. Compound this by multiple small children using a single bathroom, and the drain may become blocked. One trick to help avoid this is to place the roll of toilet paper in a plastic bag. Then, lay it on its side and step on it until the roll creases and is slightly flattened. Now, the roll will only turn three-quarters of the way before the paper tears off. Since it is harder to get more toilet paper, most children won't be tempted to use too much. There is also no fun in pulling off tons of paper if it keeps tearing constantly.

Tip #3: Provide an obvious trash can

Kids often wander into the bathroom with something in their hands, such as candy or wrappers. If they decide they no longer want them while using the facilities, these items may end up in the toilet, blocking the drain. Provide an easy to spot trash can just for this eventuality. Bonus points if the can has a lid with an easy to use foot pedal or button, since some kids may want to toss items in secret, particularly if it is a food or candy that they don't like but are afraid they will be forced to eat. The opening mechanism tends to make the can fun, as well, which makes kids more likely to use it.

It's also a good idea to check the bathroom frequently throughout the party. Catching a plumbing issue early may enable you to fix it. If worst comes to worst, make sure you have the number of a plumbing repair company on hand.