5 Things To Know About Air Conditioning Maintenance Services

Do you rely on your home's central air conditioning system to keep you cool in the summer? Most people do, especially in areas with hot, humid summers, but there are times when AC systems stop working. In many cases, homeowners can prevent outages like this, though, and they can do this through the proper air conditioner maintenance services.

What Are AC Maintenance Services?

AC maintenance services are designed as preventative services for a central AC system. The point of getting maintenance services is to prevent problems from occurring with the system and to ensure that everything is working as it should be.

What Is Included in These Services?

There are numerous differences steps taken during AC maintenance services, including the following:

  • Checking and replacing the filter
  • Cleaning the coils
  • Cleaning the outdoor condenser
  • Calibrating the thermostat
  • Checking the coolant level
  • Cleaning the drains for condensation from the system
  • Checking the system for leaks
  • Cleaning all the parts of the system
  • Checking electrical connections

During a maintenance call like this, the technician will also test each component of the system and replace any parts that are worn out or soon will be.

Why Is AC Maintenance Important?

Getting AC maintenance is important for several reasons. The first reason is to help you fix problems before they cause an outage with your system. Secondly, keeping your system cleaned and maintained will help it work as efficiently as possible. When you have a clean system with parts that work properly, it will cost less to operate the system. This means that you will be able to save money on your utility bills in the summer.

Keeping your system cleaned and maintained will also extend the life of the system and will prevent premature wearing out of the system. Finally, your home will probably stay cleaner with AC maintenance, simply because the system will be cleaned each year and will not be spreading as much dust and dirt around your house.

How Much Do These Services Cost?

The costs for these services vary, but you might be able to get this done each year for around $100. A lot of companies offer preventive service plan programs you can enroll in. When you do this, you can pay one price for annual services, and the plan will include a lot of different steps. The plan might even include coverage for certain types of problems you could encounter with your system. If you do not maintain your system and end up with an outage, it could cost hundreds of dollars to repair, and this is something you could possibly prevent simply by sticking with an annual preventive maintenance schedule with your central AC system.

What Steps Can You Take Yourself to Maintain Your System?

Hiring a company to perform these standard steps is a great idea to do once a year, but there are also several important things you can do that may also help protect your system. The first thing is to make sure you check and change the air filter as often as needed. You may need to replace it monthly or quarterly, but you should check the filter every month.

Secondly, you should aim to keep your outdoor condenser clean. To do this, cut any foliage away that might be growing near it, and pull any leaves out of it that might be trapped in the cover.

If you would like to avoid AC outages in your home, you will have a much higher chance of accomplishing this if you hire an AC company to perform routine maintenance services on your system every spring. To learn more about this, contact an AC company such as Baton Rouge Air Conditioning & Heating today.