Keep Your Employees Cool And Productive

Despite their prevalence, many people still consider air conditioning and climate control to be a modern luxury. While this may be the case in very temperate climates, air conditioning is absolutely vital in warmer regions. For offices and other commercial spaces, climate control is actually a vital component in employee productivity. Money spent on your facility's HVAC system doesn't just keep your employees comfortable, it also keeps them happy and working at their best.

Temperature is a Distraction

If you manage an office, it is likely that you have spent a significant amount of time and effort on minimizing employee distractions. Evidence suggests that most employees are distracted at work, and even small distractions can add up to lost productivity. Depending on their severity, distractions can lead employees to finish their work more slowly or even make more mistakes on the job. While many distractions may be obvious, temperature problems can be subtle. Being too hot or too cold may not seem like a major problem, but it provides a constant, low level of discomfort. Not only is this a distraction in and of itself, but it can also lead to irritable workers who may lose focus more easily when exposed to other distractions.

Warm, Humid Environments Lead to Illness

As if the distraction created by an uncomfortably warm office environment wasn't enough, a facility that is too warm and humid can be a breeding ground for various pathogens as well. Warmth and moisture are the two primary ingredients required for mold to take root and spread, and this can be especially devastating for employees with significant allergies. Even worse, high humidity can lead to greater bacterial growth as well. Surprisingly, extremely dry air can lead to easier transmission of disease as well, making it all the more important to carefully control the climate in any space where people must work in close quarters.

Regular Service is Key

Keeping your office environment comfortable is as much about being proactive as it is about being reactive. While it is important to deal with problems as they come up, you can minimize your air conditioning service costs by staying on top of regular maintenance and addressing even small problems before they can become major issues. An AC system that fails will not only leave your employees uncomfortable and distracted, it may even force you to send workers home on days that are particularly warm or humid.

While the actual steps needed to maintain your building's air conditioning will vary based on the details of your system, any regular maintenance check should include an assessment of a variety of components including the ductwork, blowers, filters, electrical connections, and the cooling units themselves. It can be tempting to perform a simple visual inspection yourself, but if you do not have dedicated HVAC technicians on your staff it will pay to have this type of inspection performed by professionals at least once a year. This is especially important for large facilities where subtle problems can crop up almost anywhere.

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