How You Can Save Money On Your Winter Heating Expenses

With the winter season quickly approaching, now is the perfect time to think about how to save money on your energy bills during the season. When you use your heating system continually, you likely see your energy bills increase. Here are some ways to help you cut down on your winter weather heating costs:

Change the Location of the Thermostat

One way to decrease your heating costs is to move your thermostat. If the thermostat is in a large, open area, the heat will cycle on more often. What happens is the heat will work to maintain the temperature you have set in that one specific area. This could mean other rooms in your house are warmer, sometimes even too warm. To help resolve this issue, move the thermostat to an area with less open space, such as a bedroom or hallway. The smaller area will help to maintain a more reasonable temperature and keep the heat from cycling as often.

Check for Drafty Areas

Some homes have drafty areas where air can leak in or out of the home. The cold air from outside gets in, and your warm air in your home can get out. The constant leaking of air will ultimately impact your heating expenses as the system struggles to maintain an adequate temperature. Take the time to check your home for air leaks, including around the doors, windows, near the ceiling, and around the chimney, if you have one. You can then seal the leaks with caulk or weather stripping as needed.

Adjust the Thermostat Before Bed

Before you go to bed at night, consider adjusting your thermostat to a lower temperature. You can keep yourself warm with thermal or electric blankets, although you may not find this necessary since many people have a body temperature that adjusts during sleep. Do not lower the thermostat so drastically that you are uncomfortable. You also do not want the heater to work overtime the next day because your house is too cold. Adjust the thermostat to a moderate temperature that is comfortable yet not causing the heat to cycle as frequently as it does during the day.

Regular heating maintenance is also a way to save money on your heating costs. Be sure you have your heating system inspected before the weather begins to change to ensure everything works properly. An inefficient furnace will ultimately cost you more money on your winter expenses. Contact a service, like Summit Heating and Air Conditioning, for more help.