The Role Of A Humidifier With Your Furnace

Does your home feel really dry during the winter months? If so, does this dryness affect your skin or cause health problems for you? Dry air not only affects things like this, but it can also cause damage to wooden furniture and fixtures, and that is why you should consider getting a whole-home humidifier installed.

What a whole-home humidifier is

When it comes to humidifiers, there are many different types, but all humidifiers are designed to serve the same function. The function is to place moisture in the air, so a house is not so dry. A whole-home humidifier is a system that is tied to the furnace system in the house, and this type of system places moisture into the air that is heated and sent into the house. When you have a system like this, it should humidify every room in your home as all the air that passes through the furnace will run through the humidifier system.

How it works

For a system like this to work, there must be a pipe that brings water to it. The water that comes from the pipe will moisten a pad inside the humidifier. The air that your furnace heats up will pass through this moistened pad, collecting moisture from it before the air is sent through the air ducts and into your home. Any time the furnace runs, air will be treated before it is sent through the air ducts, which means that you will have a constant supply of moisture getting circulated throughout your house.

The benefits it offers

Having a whole-home humidifier is a great option as it really requires no work on your part. When your furnace kicks on, the humidifier will be there doing its job. The end result is that you will have air in your home that is not dry. Having this extra moisture in your home will help protect your wood furniture items and floors, and it will also have positive impacts on your health. You may experience fewer colds and allergy problems, and it might help anyone in your home who suffers from asthma or allergies feel better.

If you would like to learn more about whole-home humidifiers or other options, you can call an HVAC company like Central York Corp. Professionals would be glad to tell you more details about the options you have and can also offer a quote for installing one in your home.