Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repair

Summer is almost here. You might want to check on your air conditioning whether it is functioning well or there's an urgent problem that needs to be addressed. 

A faulty AC in your home will lead to high energy consumption, translating to high electricity costs and reduced comfort due to the house's improper regulation of temperature.  According to an IEA report, the use of AC's and electric fans accounts for nearly 20% of the total electricity used in the globe 

Look out for these warning signs on your air conditioner to guide you in carrying out air conditioning repair.

Moisture Accumulation

The presence of moisture or leak around your unit can be an indication of a minor issue. It could be that the drain tube that directs the condensed water away has a block. However, this needs to be promptly addressed to prevent the growth of mold.

In some cases, the leak could result from a refrigerant leak which is a significant issue that commands immediate repair.

Releasing Hot Air

It is pretty uncommon for an AC unit to blow hot air. If your AC is blowing hot air, it is an indication that your compressor might be broken or your refrigerant might be leaking.


An AC that is in good shape runs at a very low humming noise. Any squealing, grating, or grinding sounds indicate a malfunction with your system that needs AC repair services' attention.

Despite the unit still functioning at optimal capacity, it is vital to address this issue before it transpires to be a more complex issue.


Your AC unit is only expected to expel cool air that is odorless. If your unit is emitting a strong smell, it could indicate that the wire insulation inside the unit has been burnt.

Some units tend to release a musty smell due to mold accumulation which can lead to an adverse impact on your family's health.

High Levels of Humidity

A high humidity level inside your home is a clear indication that your unit is not functioning well. The AC is supposed to operate by pulling in the hot air and releasing cool air. A sticky feeling or accumulation of water around the windows in your home could be an indication of a leak that requires immediate attention.

Your AC Operates on Its Mind

If your AC automatically shuts down and boots right back without being programmed, you need to get the unit checked.

Immediate attention applied to any of the above signs given off by your cooling system will help you save on electricity costs and prevent you from replacing your AC unit before its shelf life expires. For more information, contact an air conditioning repair service.