Business Owners: Top 4 Reasons To Consider Rooftop AC System Installation

Also referred to as packaged units, commercial HVAC systems have components on top of a building's roof, which connects directly to its ventilation system. In most cases, such systems will have multiple units placed in different sections of your roof. While it may seem odd to place your units in an area where they're exposed to the elements, understand that they can handle such inclement weather. Here are a few reasons why your business should consider getting rooftop AC system installation from an experienced professional.

1. Offers great flexibility when adding or removing units

The benefit of modular units is that you can quickly lower or raise your heating and cooling power to accommodate your ever-changing business needs. This is because an AC installation professional can add or remove a modular unit to the existing system easily. Your business rooftop is an ideal place to add or remove units because there's enough space than your space-starved indoors.

2. They operate quietly

Commercial HVAC units are more powerful and large than residential ones. As a result, they produce a lot of noise which can be disruptive. By installing the system on your roof, your employees won't be distracted by the loud noise from the mechanical components like the fans and compressor.

3. Easy to perform repair and maintenance

You'll need to perform HVAC maintenance regularly and schedule repairs multiple times within your unit's lifetime. AC system installation technicians can easily access rooftop HVAC units during working hours in case of emergency repair or routine maintenance. However, unlike having them indoors, you'll never have to inconvenience your customers and employees. 

4. Better energy performance

Most commercial rooftop HVAC systems feature energy-saving options you can incorporate to ensure better performance. For instance, HVAC-economizing controls like dampers make them convenient for your unit to switch and use the outside air to cool your building if the outdoor temperature permits. In the summer, HVAC systems with energy recovery wheels can help minimize your cooling systems load. This is possible because they transfer humidity and heat within your supply airstream to a dry and cool airstream in your unit exhaust. Additionally, using a programmable thermostat in your building makes it easier to adjust your system operations based on your business occupancy schedules and seasonal changes.

While there are plenty of benefits of a rooftop AC system installation, you must seek the help of an experienced AC installation technician. This will ensure that you have minimal repairs during its lifetime.