4 Reasons To Install A Central Air Conditioning System In Your New (To You) Home

Becoming a first-time homebuyer can be exciting, and it's natural to start immediately thinking about ways to make your new (to you) home more comfortable and livable. If you've purchased an older house, you probably don't have a modern HVAC system. Unfortunately, that may mean relying on window units to get through the summer without too much discomfort.

While window unit air conditioners can work in a pinch, they're far from ideal. Installing a central air conditioning system is often a great option, and this upgrade can come with numerous benefits. If you're still not convinced, check out these four reasons central AC should be a top contender for your first major renovation.

1. More Efficiency

Window units can be relatively efficient if you need to cool one room, but they're a poor choice for cooling an entire house. Since split-system air conditioners centralize their equipment, they can provide much better efficiency. As a result, you'll save money over the long run by reducing your annual cooling costs.

2. Improved Comfort

One of the best things about a central air conditioning system is the improved comfort over individual window units. Since you'll have at least one vent in each room, you can enjoy even cooling throughout your entire house. You won't need to worry about stepping out into a drastically warmer hallway or abandoning uncooled parts of your house during heat waves.

3. Better Resale Value

About 90% of new homes come with central air conditioning systems, and more than a third of all houses include this feature. While you're probably not thinking about selling your home right after moving in, it's always worthwhile to consider long-term resale value. Installing a central AC unit allows your home to go toe-to-toe with newer houses, potentially making a future sale much more effortless.

4. Simplified HVAC Controls

If you already have an existing forced-air heating system, installing a central air conditioning unit is relatively straightforward since they'll share ductwork. More importantly, you can simplify your HVAC controls. Instead of fussing with window unit control panels or remotes, you can manage your heating and cooling needs from a single thermostat.

There's no denying that central air conditioning systems are an essential amenity in any modern home. While you may be able to get through the summer without one, this straightforward upgrade can go a long way toward making your new home more comfortable, efficient, and valuable.