Things That Cause Your Heat Pump To Malfunction, And Heater Repairs That Can Get You Warm Again

If your heat pump isn't warming up your room, you'll want to figure out why before the temperature drops lower. You might check each blower to see if the problem is with all of them or with just one blower in a single room. This helps narrow down the problem. If all the blowers are affected, the problem is probably outside in the condenser. Here are some things that can cause a heat pump to malfunction and the heater repairs that might be needed.

Airflow Is Blocked

The first thing to check is the condenser to see if the airflow is blocked. If autumn leaves have blown against the fins or if snow has piled up against the condenser, the airflow may be shut off. That keeps your heat pump from working properly. Clean around the condenser to improve airflow and your heat pump may start warming up your house. If not, call a heating repair company for help.

The Reversing Valve Is Broken

A heat pump has a reversing valve in it that allows it to switch from heating to air conditioning mode. The valve is also necessary during the winter so the heater can switch from heat to defrost. Defrost mode is necessary or else ice can build up in the condenser and shut the heat pump down.

When the reversing mode breaks, the valve might get stuck in defrost mode and not be able to switch back to heat. When that happens, you'll need to call a heating repair company for help. The heater repairs will probably entail putting in a new reversing valve; however, in some cases, the reversing valve can be repaired if it's just stuck.

The Power Supply Is Off

You may need to check your electrical panel to make sure the breaker that supplies power to the condenser isn't flipped off. If it is, reset the breaker to see what happens. If the breaker flips off right away, leave it off and call a heating repair service. A power surge may have damaged electrical components in the heat pump.

The Refrigerant Is Low

A heating repair technician can use a gauge to test the level of refrigerant in your heat pump. Refrigerant has to be at the proper pressure even when you're using your heat pump in heating mode. If the refrigerant is low, it will need to be filled, but the repair technician may need to find the refrigerant leak and repair it first. Fixing a refrigerant problem is one of the more complicated heater repairs, but it has to be done so your heater can start making warm air again. 

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