Problems Your Air Conditioning System May Need To Have Repaired

There are several significant problems that could potentially cause major issues with cooling your home's interior. As a result, individuals will often be in a position of needing to have major repair work done to their system in order to keep it functional.

Faulty Compressors Are A Common Source Of AC Failure

The compressor can be one of the parts of an AC unit that may be the most prone to suffering failure. When the compressor for the AC unit suffers a problem, it will be far less capable of cooling air. As a result, a common sign that the compressor is failing will be the unit failing to provide cool air or the cool air may only last for a few minutes. This can be due to the compressor needing time to cool as many of these problems can cause it to overheat. Generally, problems with the air compressor will be resolved by replacing this component. While the compressor can be a component that will often fail, it can still be among the more expensive parts of the unit to replace.

Obstructions Inside The AC Unit Can Cause Severe Damage

Depending on the design of your AC unit and the area where it is located, there could be a high risk of plant debris and other materials getting inside the AC unit. Once these materials get into the unit, they can cause substantial damage to the system. For example, these materials will be able to potentially jam moving components so that they will no longer work correctly. In extreme cases, this may even cause motors and pumps in the system to burn out as a result. In order to prevent these materials from causing damage to your air conditioning system, any plants that are near the unit should be trimmed so that there is at least a couple of feet of space between the plants and the unit. Without this space, it may be more likely for these materials to be sucked into the unit or winds may blow leaves and branches into the system.

Storm Damage Can Be Another Issue For Exterior AC Units

A strong storm can cause damage to your home in a number of different ways. While homeowners may be primarily focused on the roof and windows, the AC unit can be another part of the property that may be especially vulnerable to this type of damage. Strong winds can send large items crashing into the exterior AC unit, and this could damage the housing or even the internal components of the system. If you are noticing that your AC unit is experiencing unusual performance issues, a thorough inspection may be required. 

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