Why Does The Air Conditioner Blower Fan Fail–And How Can You Prevent It?

The blower is a crucial component of the air conditioning system because it blows out hot air and helps circulate conditioned air indoors. You should know that all AC systems have two sets of fans, where the indoor one sends the air to the evaporator coil for cooling. Alternatively, the outdoor fan pulls in the external air and exhausts the heat. When one or both parts of the system fail, you might end up with a malfunctioning unit. Here are some reasons why your air conditioner blower fan might fail and ways to prevent it.

Problems With the Voltage Storage Unit

The capacitor resembles a beverage can and stores energy to help keep the voltage in the AC system stable. More so, the starting and operating capacitors have a design that supports the fan's operations. Therefore, a low fan output from developing faults can eventually lead to failure. Despite their seeming simplicity, these parts require the assistance of trained AC repair technicians to replace them.

The Unit Doesn't Receive Any Power

The circuit breaker may trip due to an overheating appliance and cut power to the fan. If this problem doesn't occur often, you can wait for the AC to cool down and switch the breaker back on. However, it's time to call in an expert if this keeps happening. They will inspect the AC for signs of less-than-optimal capacities and ensure the circuits and wiring are secure. Moreover, if your air conditioner is too small for the space, it will operate non-stop at maximum capacity, which can cause overheating and cut power to the unit. Ultimately, this can result in frequent malfunctions, fan failure, and excessive energy costs.

The System Contactors Have Failed

Air conditioners' condenser fan motors get switched on and off by a contractor. Note that this is an electrical switch typically located near the capacitors. You should know that contactors have a finite lifespan, just like any other electrical part. Hence, once they fail, so will the blower fan. In such cases, get a professional to wire your contractors because of the number of electrical connections they support.

Problems With the Belt That Drives the Fan

If you have an older AC unit, chances are that it has a belt running the fan. Note that there is always a risk of the belt breaking or becoming loose, preventing motor function. The good news is an experienced technician can fix this old system and restore the fan function. That said, consider upgrading to a modern unit for added efficiency.

These are common reasons why your AC blower might stop working. Note that regular AC checks are the perfect way to minimize the chances of your fan failing. For more information, reach out to an air conditioner repair service near you.