How Flexible Air Duct Replacement Is Done After Rodents Destroy Your Ducts

If your attic had an infestation of rats or squirrels, your flexible ducts might be shredded or destroyed. Flexible ducts are made of thin material wrapped in fiberglass insulation, so a rat gnawing or clawing on them can do a lot of damage. When a duct is destroyed, it has to be replaced. Here's how flexible air duct replacement is done. Assess The Damage And Obtain Supplies The first step is for the contractor to examine each duct to find all the bad ones. [Read More]

HVAC Repair, Maintenance, And Replacement: Which One Is The Right Service?

When do you need to schedule an HVAC repair—and when do you need to consider a replacement service? Your air conditioner isn't ready for the summer months. But this doesn't mean you have to settle for warm, muggy interior air. Take a look at what homeowners need to know about HVAC system repair, maintenance,  replacement, and service options. Why Schedule A Repair Service? There isn't one reason for every AC repair. [Read More]

What Should You Expect When Replacing An AC In An Older Home?

Retrofitting an air conditioner into an older home without existing ductwork can be challenging, but replacing an old or non-functional central air conditioner can also pose a few hurdles. Although manufacturers typically quote 15-20 year lifespans for their systems, air conditioners can sometimes last much longer. Replacing these ancient systems can often be smart, with benefits for your bottom line and some environmental advantages. However, the installation may not be as straightforward as replacing one modern system with another. [Read More]

The Benefits Of Heat Pump Replacement

Heat pumps keep buildings warm during cold seasons. Nonetheless, your heating system may become susceptible to damage as it ages. While heat pump repair may restore your heating system's functionality and performance, sometimes the damage may be severe. Hence, heat pump replacement may be necessary. Here are the benefits of buying a new heat pump. Money-Savings When your heat pump shows signs of problems such as abnormal noises, overheating, or short cycling, you may instantly consider heat pump system repair. [Read More]