Possible Reasons Your Gas Furnace Won't Ignite

If your gas furnace fails to ignite, your home will get cold quickly if you don't fix the problem. You can tell there's a problem with the ignition system when you hear clicking that isn't followed by the furnace and blower kicking on. Here's a look at a few things that can cause this problem and the heating repairs that you may need. Power Surge In The Furnace An electrical problem or power surge can interfere with the electronic ignition of your gas furnace. [Read More]

Keep Your Employees Cool And Productive

Despite their prevalence, many people still consider air conditioning and climate control to be a modern luxury. While this may be the case in very temperate climates, air conditioning is absolutely vital in warmer regions. For offices and other commercial spaces, climate control is actually a vital component in employee productivity. Money spent on your facility's HVAC system doesn't just keep your employees comfortable, it also keeps them happy and working at their best. [Read More]

Higher Than Normal Heating Bill This Year? It Could Be an HVAC System Problem

Have you noticed that your heating bills this year are higher than they usually are? Don't automatically assume that the cost of gas has increased and now reflected in your energy bill. It could actually be a problem with your HVAC system not working as it should. Here are some things to consider that are related to your HVAC system that could need attention. Thermostat Problems It's possible that the problem is originating with your thermostat, since it is the device that controls how often your furnace turns on and off. [Read More]

3 Tricks To Teach Your Kids To Save Money On Cooling Costs This Summer

If you have kids then you know that no matter how hard they may try, they don't always listen to you; especially when it comes to doing things around the house. If you feel like your kids are making your cooling costs go through the roof because of their bad habits, then there are a few things that you can teach them to do to save you money. From closing the windows to turning down the thermostat, this article will look at three specific things that you can teach your kids to do. [Read More]