Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning For Hotter Summers

If you're considering an upgrade to the air conditioning system, it's important that you choose a system that offers comfort and energy efficiency. If you've already done research on the top HVAC manufacturers and models, you're up to speed on the latest innovations and features. You know that many manufacturers are offering energy-efficient models by reducing running costs, water discharge, and noise levels. Here are some things that you want to know before investing in energy-efficient AC for your home. [Read More]

Things That Cause Your Heat Pump To Malfunction, And Heater Repairs That Can Get You Warm Again

If your heat pump isn't warming up your room, you'll want to figure out why before the temperature drops lower. You might check each blower to see if the problem is with all of them or with just one blower in a single room. This helps narrow down the problem. If all the blowers are affected, the problem is probably outside in the condenser. Here are some things that can cause a heat pump to malfunction and the heater repairs that might be needed. [Read More]

What Makes Something A Residential Or Commercial Plumbing Project?

A commercial plumber often deals with tasks that are very similar to the issues confronting a residential one. However, there are some key distinctions between the work of commercial and residential contractors. If you're trying to understand why you might need a residential plumber or a commercial one, here are four informative differences. Capacity Requirements Among the most obvious differences between residential and commercial needs are the capacity requirements. Even in settings where the peak capacity is similar to home usage, such as a franchise fast food restaurant, the sustained usage simply requires better hardware. [Read More]

What Are The Hardest Parts Of Installing A New AC System?

If you consider yourself fairly handy around the house, you might think installing a new air conditioning system is well within your capabilities. At first glance, replacing a central air conditioning system doesn't seem too complex, especially if the ductwork is already in place. After all, there are only two significant components to deal with, so what makes this such a challenging job?  Unfortunately, central air conditioning installation is much more difficult than it appears, especially if you don't have any training or experience in HVAC work. [Read More]