2 Benefits Provided By A Forced-Air Heating System

Traditional forced-air heating systems are one of the best methods for keeping your home nice and warm during the winter, mostly because this system has a range of advantages that radiant heating and other systems are unable to match. Listed below are two of the many benefits provided by a forced-air heating system.

Multiple Energy Options

One great benefit provided by a forced air heating system is that the furnace that is the heart of the heating system can be powered by multiple different fuel sources. In most cases, you can easily find a furnace that can be powered by natural gas, propane, and even oil. 

In addition, you can even find furnaces that have the ability to run off of multiple fuel sources without having to invest in another furnace. For example, a common option is a furnace that runs off of both natural gas and propane.

This is a great option for anyone who wants to have the ability to be prepared for a disaster or accident that may cut off or disrupt the natural gas lines. In that situation, the furnace can simply be set to use propane once you have attached a tank to it. This can allow you to ride out a disaster or fuel shortage without having to suffer without heat.

Quick Results

Another benefit provided by a forced-air system is that you can experience quick results. In many cases, this type of heating system will warm up your home in a shorter amount of time than most of the other heating systems. This is because the furnace will take the time to heat the air to the desired temperature before actually activating the fans to spread the air throughout the house.

As a result, you will feel hot air coming out of your ducts very shortly after the furnace activates. This is a big advantage over radiant heating in particular because radiant heating systems need to go through multiple stages before the house starts to warm up. With that type of heating system, it is necessary to wait for the water pipes or electric pads within the walls and floor to heat up first, then the walls and floors will heat up. Only then will the heat begin radiating into the rest of the house. While this process does not take an extremely long time, it will take noticeably longer than a forced-air system to get your home to a comfortable temperature.

Speak with an HVAC technician or contractor, such as those at Marino'S Plumbing & Gas Fitting Furnaces, today in order to get a quote and discuss the advantages provided by forced-air. Forced-air is a fantastic option because it can quickly heat up your home and can be powered by multiple types of fuel.