Reasons To Install A Home Air Filtration System

The air quality of your home is important to safeguard your family from airborne elements that can cause health issues. If you are currently using a portable purifier, you may want to consider one for the entire home. However, it will be more expensive to integrate one with your HVAC system. The benefits can be worth the investment.

The filters are built into the return-air ductwork to trap particles as the air passes through the unit. The list of benefits is lengthy but here are some of the main ones to consider so you can make the right choice.


A portable air purifier is designed to be quiet, but they still create significant noise. The whole home system will not make any noise other than the regular sounds of your air conditioning or heating system.


The whole house system is more efficient because the filtration system removes any pollutants from the air before it reaches the inside of the home. The air is recirculated five to seven times daily through the central unit. Each time it passes through the system, the air quality is increased.

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), poor air quality is the culprit for many of the health problems faced in this country. It can cause eye irritation, breathing problems, congestion, as well as triggering patients who already suffer from asthma or allergy problems. Electronic purifiers can remove at least 99% of the air contaminants that can lead to chronic health issues.

The System's Lifetime

The HVAC system will last longer with a home filtration unit working to remove the debris from the unit. It can help eliminate the dirt and other elements from getting in the compressor. This will save wear and tear on your unit so it can last longer. The debris and dust build up can clog filters and cause air conditioning icing and damage to the heating elements. The repairs could be expensive, but you will also pay more for energy with these issues.

If you are noticing more dust in your home, it may be time to consider a system to block these damages. The air you breathe is much cleaner, safer, and healthier with a home air filtration system. You can be more comfortable and know you are breathing air that is beneficial to you and your family. It may be time to call in the professionals to get your home in better condition. Contact a business, such as Kamloops Heating & Air Conditioning, for more information.