Boosting Harmony Between Air Conditioners & Indoor Plants

Both indoor plants and air conditioners can improve your indoor air quality, but only if one doesn't affect the other. Therefore, before introducing plants in your house, you need to ensure that they will exist in harmony with your air conditioner. Here are a few tips to help you with the harmonization:

Choose Plants That Don't Pollute the Air Too Much

Plants pollute the air in different ways. Falling leaves, pollen or even dead branches from your indoor plants can easily contaminate your indoor air. Unfortunately, such particles can easily affect your AC's operation. For example, they can clog the air filter and inefficient. Therefore, you shouldn't have indoor plants that produce lots of pollen or dead foliage if you don't want them to affect your AC.

Choose Plants That Aren't Affected by Temperature Fluctuations

Some plants are sensitive to temperature fluctuations, which may affect their growth and health. These are the wrong kinds of plants to have in your house. Expect such plants to wither or suffer stunted growth. Therefore, you need plants that can survive different temperature settings and won't be affected by the rapid changes caused by your AC.

Choose Plants That Don't Attract Pests

You also need to stay clear of plants that attract pests since you don't need pests on your AC system. Insects, for example, can invade your air ducts and render them inefficient. Pest droppings can also circulate along with the conditioned air and affect your indoor air quality. Then there is also the issue of dead pests, which can also foul the air you breathe. In short, stay clear of plants that attract rodents and insects if you don't want to contaminate your air.

Choose Plants That Don't Produce Too Much Moisture

All plants produce moisture, but some produce too much of it. Plants that produce too much water will raise your house's humidity, which isn't a good thing for your AC's operation. Elevated humidity makes your AC work harder than it should because the AC has to remove the extra humidity to make your house comfortable. Overworking your AC will cause it to break down frequently; it can even shorten the AC's useful life.

A florist can help you choose the best plants for your indoor air so that they aren't affected by AC. An HVAC installation technician will help you keep your AC running optimally so that it doesn't affect your indoor plants. If your plants are attracting pests, producing too much pollen or affecting your AC in any way, take them outdoors and call a technician to remedy the situations.