Why It Is Vital To Repair Your A/C's Evaporator Coils

Residential cooling system repair often includes problems with lost refrigerant, which dissipates over time or leaks out of holes in the system. The refrigerant is ejected into evaporator coils where it becomes a vapor, and then cycles through the entire system. There are several reasons why you should repair your air conditioner's evaporator coils as soon as you notice that the air in your home is not quite as cool as it should be.

1. The Evaporator Coils Are the First Stop for the Refrigerant

Liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator coils and is immediately converted to the vapor necessary to continue the cooling process. If the evaporator coils have holes in them because of rust or wear and tear, the refrigerant leaks out. Because the refrigerant is a toxic substance, it can harm you or the environment, so the evaporator coils need to be in tip-top shape to prevent injury and damage to the environment.

2. Without Fully Functioning Evaporator Coils, the Refrigerant Is Not Converted

The evaporator coils are sealed coils that quickly convert liquid to vapor. The pressure required to accomplish this means that there can be no leaks or holes in the coils. If there are holes or leaks, the pressure dissipates through them, and the refrigerant is not converted to a vapor. No vapor means no ability to cool air and continue through the condenser. 

3. Refrigerant Can Be Refilled, but Not If the Coils Have Holes or Leaks

Your HVAC technician can refill the refrigerant, but it does not pay to do so if it is going to leak right out of the condenser coils. You may restore your A/C for up to a month on a single refrigerant refill, or it may only last two weeks, depending on the severity of the holes and leaks in the evaporator coils. Considering that a refill of refrigerant could cost you as much as a few hundred dollars, it is in your best financial interests to have the evaporator coils replaced before requesting a refill of refrigerant.

Otherwise, you could be spending nigh on to thousand dollars for several refills of refrigerant just to keep your A/C running for a few months. Additionally, the pollution to the environment that you would be creating via the leaking coils is not exactly the best option. This is especially true if there are state regulations in your area that would fine you for such things.

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