Three Issues Your Air Conditioning System May Encounter

Your home's air conditioning system may be an appliance that you will need to use almost constantly throughout the summer. Due to this importance, you will want to understand several types of air conditioning problems so that you will be ready when these issues develop with your air conditioning system:

Electrical Problems

A modern air conditioning system can have very intense electrical requirements. In fact, it is common for these appliances to be among the most energy-intensive appliances that can be found in a home. When these systems start to encounter electrical issues, the system may start to behave in unusual ways or it may experience a sizable increase in its power usage. Unfortunately, the electrical system and wiring that powers your air conditioning system can be extremely complicated, which may make it very difficult for a homeowner to inspect these parts of the system. Furthermore, attempting to make repairs to an electrical system can be extremely hazardous as you may be at a risk of suffering a serious electrical shock. Whenever you notice the air conditioning system's electrical components behaving oddly, you should avoid using the system until you have had it inspected by a professional air conditioning technician.

Refrigerant Leaks

The refrigerant that circulates throughout the tubing and coils in the air conditioner will be responsible for absorbing the heat from the air. This will help to greatly cool the air before it is blown into your house. However, it can be possible for the tubes and pipes in the air conditioner to become damaged which can allow refrigerant to leak out. Another potential source of these leas will be the seals on the system failing. If you notice that your air conditioning system is struggling to effectively cool air, you will want to check the refrigerant levels and look around the base of the unit for signs of refrigerant leaving out.


It may seem like it will be impossible for ice to form on your air conditioning unit during the warm and hot months of the year. However, a malfunctioning air conditioning system can quickly cause large accumulations of ice to form on the exterior of the unit. Once this ice is in place, it can cause serious damage to the system by preventing it from getting enough air to function and this can lead to the motor blowing out. This icing is often caused by the system's condenser becoming excessively dirty, and you will need to clean this part of the system to avoid these issues.

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