How To Properly Clean Condenser Coils

The condenser unit is perhaps the most vital part of a central AC system. That is, it is responsible for the coldness and power of the air flowing into your home. It is important to realize that, since the condenser unit is located outside of your home, it is also the most vulnerable to becoming less efficient and dirty over time. Just basically cleaning your condenser unit, especially the coils, is going to create a healthier and more productive AC system. The best part is that you can do this work yourself, you don't need to be in HVAC professional.

Clean the Coils First

The key to proper condenser cleaning is knowing what to focus on. The coils are the most important part of the entire AC system. The coils on the outside of the box are obviously the most vulnerable and most likely to be dirty. Coils usually line the entire cylinder that surrounds the fan in the main compartment. The coils that line the inside of the cylinder are more protected from the elements and less likely to get dirty or bent. However, the coils that line the exterior side of your condenser unit can get very dirty from when wind kicking up dust, rain, and all sorts of debris. Basically, a lot of things can cover up the metal coils and prevent them from doing their job, which is to release heat. The cleaner your coils are, the more effectively your condenser unit will be able to transfer heat.

Do You Need to Remove the Cage?

The hardest part about cleaning coils is getting around the protective cage. Most systems have protective cages that are difficult and awkward to remove. In most cases, it is actually not even necessary to remove the coils because you can just spray them out using a hoe. However, if your condenser unit has not been cleaned in a long time, or never cleaned it all, the coils could be especially dirty and no amount of water pressure will remove all of the dirt. In this case, you would need to figure out how to remove the protective cage on your condenser box. You can invest in coil cleaning liquid solutions and cleaning brushes that make it easy to break down stubborn dirt. While coil cleaning is not difficult or technical work, it does need to be repeated about once a year.

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