How To Maintain Clean Air In Your Home

The cleanliness and healthiness of the air in your home depends on several factors. While opening your windows and letting fresh air in is very valuable, you also need to have a good filtering system in your HVAC. This article explains a few ways that you can improve the filtering system in your heating and air conditioning.

Importance of a Clean Filter

If the filter system is working perfectly, it will help to reduce odors, and remove harmful allergens from the air. This is especially vital if anybody in your household suffers from allergies or hay fever. A properly functioning filtering system can also have a severe impact on your expensive appliances, particularly the furnace. If your filters are not properly working, vital components within the furnace, like the blower, fan, duct connections, and electrical connections can all be affected. Dust buildup within the furnace cabinet is never a good thing. So, ensuring that your filtering system is working as well as possible will result in healthier appliances. By reducing allergens, it will also help promote health for the people living in your home.

The most important thing you need to know about HVAC filters is that it is all about cleaning and repairing them immediately, rather than waiting. That is, if you wait too long, the repairs become more severe and expensive. Most DIY repairs are pretty much just small cleaning task.

Replacing the Air Filter

Most HVAC system have several filters. There is often the a filter connected directly to the furnace cabinet, and another connected to an air register on your wall. Both of these filters are very easy to replace. To replace the register filter, you just need a screwdriver to remove the register from the wall. The filter should be mounted right inside the register. Pulling out the register and putting in a new one in is simple, but you also need to clean out the compartment while it is empty. With a vacuum, you should clean out any part of the duct and filter holder that you can reach.

The filter connected to your furnace should be even easier to replace. That is, it should be able to slide out of the compartment without any tools. Similarly, you want to clean the compartment as well as possible with a vacuum.

With clean filters in your home, your HVAC system is going to produce cleaner air. Reach out to a service like D & R Service Inc to learn more.