How To Clean Window AC Units

If you have window air conditioning units, they need to be cleaned and maintained from year to year. First of all, it is always helpful if you are able to remove the unit from the window and put it in storage during the winter. At the very least, you should cover it with a waterproof cover. Cleaning your AC unit is going to help at last longer and work more efficiently. This article explains some basic maintenance steps that will contribute to the overall health of your window units.

Cleaning on the Inside

There are two easy things to clean on the inner side of your unit. First of all, there is a removable panel that is vented, where the air blows out. These vents, which cover the filter, can become clogged. So, remove the panel and clean in between the vents before removing the filter to clean it.

Filter cleaning is also very simple, but it might just be necessary to replace your filter rather than attempting to clean it. Even if your filter looks white on the outside, it could have dust trapped on the inside that means it will no longer be till three to maximum capacity. Since filters are so cheap and easy to replace, it is often just more practical to replace your filter rather than trying to clean it.

Cleaning the Outside

Obviously, the outside of your unit is going to be dirtier and need more regular cleaning. The most vital part of the outer side of a window air conditioner is the evaporator. This is easy to identify because metal sheeting covers it. That has thin rows of aluminum that are called coil. You actually don't need to remove the coils or even try to access the evaporator. Just cleaning the coils is going to improve how your evaporator works. When the coils are dirty, the evaporator doesn't work as well because the refrigerant doesn't flow as well, and heat is not transferred as quickly.

Special evaporator cleaning products may be necessary if you had extremely rusty coils that are clogged and dirt. However, if you're only dealing with a minor amount of blockage and dirt buildup, you can use everyday household cleaning liquids.

Use a light, soft bristle scrub brush to help break down the dirt. If you have flattened or bent coils, you can use a flathead screwdriver to straighten them. This will take some time, but it will also make it easier to remove dirt from in between the coils. For more information, contact the best heating and air conditioning service near you.