Possible Reasons Your Home's Gas Furnace Is Making Noises

Shortly after turning on your gas furnace for the winter season, you have noticed some strange sounds coming from it. If so, read further to determine the types of noises the furnace is making, as well as determine possible causes for the sounds so you can get heating repairs.

Clicking When the Pilot Tries to Light

One sound you may hear right before the burner lights and the furnace kicks on is a clicking noise that seems to emanate from the burner. This clicking noise is usually caused by a problem with the pilot light.

If the pilot light is dirty or the temperature sensor has sustained some type of damage, there may be a delay in the ignition of the gas as it flows through the pipe. While waiting for the gas to flow, the pilot will click until it can light the burner.

Eventually, if the pilot is not cleaned or the sensor is not replaced, the burner may not light at all. Before it gets to this point, have a professional determine the cause so that the proper action can be taken.

Loud Bang When the Furnace First Kicks On

Once the furnace does kick on, another noise you may hear is a loud bang as soon as the burner lights. When there is a single bang at this time, the culprit is most likely a dirty burner.

If the burner has excessive dust buildup or has become rusty, the gas flow may momentarily backup before it comes out of the holes. Once the gas does push its way through, the ignition of the larger amount of gas than usual causes a big combustion, which then creates the loud bang.

If the burner remains dirty and rusty, the continuous combustions caused by the backed up gas will eventually damage either inlet valve or heater exchange. If this happens, gas and carbon monoxide could start leaking into your home, both of which are hazardous to you and your family's health.  Even if you have just started hearing the loud banging noise, have it examined by an HVAC professional as soon as possible to have the burner cleaned and the parts surrounding it inspected.

If your gas furnace is making any of the above noises, you should have it checked out by a professional. Contact an HVAC contractor who offers heating repair services to have them inspect the heater and discuss your options for fixing anything that is about to break down.