How To Get Hair Out Of Your Drain

Take enough showers or wash your hair over a sink enough times and eventually, those little hairs that fall out of your head will slowly start to add up. If left unchecked, your shower or sink drain is likely to begin to slow from all of the accumulated build-up. If you ignore it beyond that point, you might even end up with a full clog. If your body hair is causing problems for you in your shower or in any other part of your house, you will of course want to get the issue taken care of as soon as possible. Here are some tips that might help you get things back on track.

Remove the Drain Stopper and Take a Peek Inside

Grab a screwdriver and open up the drain stopper to take a look down into the drain. If you're lucky, perhaps the bulk of the hair is actually stuck near the top of the drain and pulling it out will fix or at least improve the issue. You'll want to get a flashlight to look down in the drain after the stopper is taken off, and a long pair of tweezers should do the trick as far as pulling the hair out. If you are still having trouble, you might need another solution that can get a bit deeper into the drain.

Create an Explosion

It's not going to be a real explosion. But do you remember what happened in science class when you combined vinegar with baking soda in your "volcano"? The same concept applies here. Send some baking soda down into the drain, dump vinegar in after it and then hold the drain stopper or a solid object in place over the drain. You want the chemical reaction to be trapped at the top of the drain and then go back down towards the source of the clog.

Try a Flexible Plastic Tool or Auger

If the baking soda explosion still didn't work, you might need to physically push deeper into the drain. You can find a flexible plastic plumbing tool designed to get to the bottom of drains in most home improvement stores. An auger would be a more professional version; it's sometimes referred to as a snake. You wiggle the tool or snake down into the drain and see if you can push through the clog.

If none of the above solutions have fixed your slow drain, it's time to contact a local plumbing expert.

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