Four Signs of a Failing AC Motor

The blower motor in your home's air conditioner is what moves the cold air throughout your home. Without it, your AC serves no purpose. Know the signs of a blower issue so you can schedule a repair before the AC breaks down.

1. Odd Noises

Other than a quiet hum, your blower motor doesn't really make any noises when it is operating. If you hear odd noises coming from the motor, then chances are that there is either a loose or failing component inside the motor or its housing. Common problem noises include rattling, banging, and screeching sounds. In many cases, the problem can be repaired, either by lubricating the moving parts or replacing a broken component. In some cases, though, odd noises indicate that the motor is going out and must be replaced.

2. Constant Shut Downs

If your blower motor is overheating, it will shut down until it cools off. Although this may help prevent complete failure, it does mean that the motor is at the end of its service life or that it needs extensive repairs. Further, a constantly shutting down AC is frustrating because it won't cool your house to the temperature desired, thus leaving you sweating all summer long. If your motor keeps shutting down prematurely, schedule a prompt repair visit to get to the bottom of the problem. 

3. No Air Flow

Does it seem as though no air is coming from the vents, even when the AC is running? If so, then it's likely that your blower motor has failed completely. In some cases, this is a simple electrical problem, which can be repaired. In other cases, lack of airflow indicates that the motor has burnt out and that it will need to be replaced. An AC tech will have to inspect the motor to determine whether a repair or a replacement is warranted. 

4. Burning Odors

If those drafts of cool air coming through the vents when the AC is running have a smoke odor or a scent best described as burning metal, there is a major problem with the blower motor and you should shut off the AC immediately. Electrical shorts can lead to fires, so a prompt AC inspection is needed. You may also pick up a smoky or burning odor if the blower is overheating, which may simply mean that it needs to be serviced or lubricated. Shutting it down will prevent further damage until it can be repaired. 

Contact an air conditioning repair service if you suspect an issue with your AC blower motor.