Reasons To Schedule An Air Conditioning Tune Up During The Spring

Many areas experience extremely hot summers, which makes having central air conditioning a necessity in order to stay cool and comfortable. If your home has central air conditioning, one of the things that you need to add to your home maintenance list is scheduling an air conditioning tune-up with an experienced HVAC contractor. Ideally, you should schedule your air conditioning tune-up during the spring months before temperatures rise and you begin using your air conditioning on a regular basis. Some of the top reasons why you should schedule a residential air conditioning tune-up during the spring include:

Help Avoid Major Problems with Your Air Conditioning During the Summer

The last thing that any homeowner wants to deal with is an air conditioner that stops cooling the house on a sweltering summer afternoon. If you want to drastically reduce the likelihood of having to deal with major air conditioning problems during the summer, having your air conditioner tuned up in the spring is very wise. When you have your air conditioner tuned up, the HVAC contractor will conduct a thorough inspection of all the components inside of your HVAC unit. If any of the parts are showing signs of major wear and tear or are near the end of their lifespan, you will be able to have repairs made before you start running your air conditioner.

Make Your Air Conditioner More Efficient

If a residential air conditioning system is not properly maintained, it won't operate efficiently during hot temperatures. Scheduling an air conditioning tune-up is the easiest way to improve the efficiency of your air conditioning and ensure that it functions properly. When your air conditioning runs efficiently, your home will be more comfortable, and the air conditioner will not have to cycle on and off as often. In addition, the improved efficiency will also result in lower energy bills during the summer.

Maintain Your Warranty

Replacing an air conditioning system is very expensive, but the good news is that new air conditioners come with a manufacturer warranty for a set period of time. However, there is fine print in the warranty that includes terms that must be followed. In most cases, a manufacturer warranty requires an air conditioner to be tuned up and serviced by a professional HVAC contractor annually. If you skip having your air conditioner tuned up, your warranty will be voided and you will be out of luck if your air conditioner needs to be repaired or replaced.