3 Reasons You Should Always Take Advantage Of Preventative Maintenance Heating Services

One of the first things your contractor is bound to tell you after installing a new furnace in your home is that you should have your heating system serviced at least once a year. Unfortunately, while many homeowners are aware of this recommendation, far too many people choose not to follow through with the use of preventative maintenance heating services. This can be a rather costly mistake. That is why this article seeks to stop you from making this same mistake by helping you to better understand why these preventative services are so important. 

Your Warranty May Require It

Most home heating systems come with a rather lengthy warranty. The purpose of this warranty is to protect you against the cost of replacing your home's heating system if the system breaks down prematurely. However, the manufacturer does retain the right to void this warranty if certain terms and conditions are not met. This is because the overall lifespan and performance of your heating system are dependent upon these conditions being met. One of these conditions is typically the use of an annual maintenance service. Consequently, it is important to remember that using these professional maintenance services each year may require you to pay a relatively small fee. However, this out-of-pocket cost truly pales in comparison to the potential cost of replacing your heating system if it should fail and you find that your warranty is void due to a lack of maintenance. 

Avoid High Energy Bills

A poorly maintained heating system will inevitably consume more energy than a system that has been serviced on a regular basis. Over time, dust and debris build up inside the system and begin to restrict airflow. This causes the system to work harder and consume more energy. This dust and debris is removed as part of the annual maintenance service and will allow you to avoid these rising energy costs. In this way alone, you will often find that these heating services actually pay for themselves over time. 

Catch Issues Early

As with most household systems, the key to avoiding costly and unexpected repairs with your home's heating system is to catch minor issues in their earliest stages. The problem is, many of these issues will not produce symptoms that the average homeowner will notice. Consequently, the key to catching these issues early on will be having your system inspected and serviced by a trained professional on a regular basis.