4 Benefits Of Preventative AC Maintenance

A functioning AC is vital for every household regardless of the season. Most homeowners assume the AC has no problems as long as it is running. 

However, your AC needs regular preventative maintenance to ensure it is running optimally. 

Read on for four key benefits of preventative AC maintenance.

1. Improve Indoor Air Quality

Regular preventative AC maintenance is crucial to keeping your indoor air quality healthy. Professional HVAC specialists will clean and replace air filters to maintain the unit in pristine condition.

The air filters work to trap and retain tiny pollutants as the unit circulates air in your indoor space. These particles containing dust, dirt, pet dander, pollen grains, and other debris pose a health risk to you and your loved ones. Such indoor allergens may trigger respiratory conditions like asthma and flare-up allergies if not properly filtered. Preventative maintenance will ensure your system blows out healthier air.

Preventative AC maintenance will also help you spot inefficiencies in your unit and allow the technicians to eliminate the problem. This way, your system will circulate well-filtered clean air.

2. Conserve Energy 

Are you looking to lower your carbon print and conserve energy? Regular AC unit maintenance will significantly help you conserve energy. 

With time your system becomes inefficient, and some components wear out. The worn-out parts and loose connections contribute to a loss of performance. A basic inspection will make your unit more efficient. Therefore, you should schedule routine maintenance to avoid these issues. 

An efficient unit will need less energy to run. Thus, you will lower your utility bills while reducing your green footprint.

3. Reduce Repair Costs

Timely AC maintenance is vital because it lowers your repair costs. A neglected unit will require more repairs than well-maintained ones. Regular visits from your AC technicians will help weed out and correct minor problems before they develop into more significant ones that will require expensive repairs or, in some cases, replacement. Some of these issues include condenser failure, compressor failure, and overheating.

These inspections may even prevent water damage by identifying potential or developing leaks. They will then resolve and fix the leaks before it damages your home structure, flooring, and baseboards.

4. Keep the Warranty Agreement

Most manufacturers will cover repair or replacement costs resulting from production-related issues, poor-quality designs, or substandard components. However, they will not shoulder these costs if the system malfunctions result from poor maintenance. They will demand proof of annual preventative maintenance when you submit a repair claim under warranty. 

HVAC technicians keep a clear record of preventative maintenance while ensuring you do not take any actions that will void the warranty agreement.

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