What To Consider When Getting An Air Conditioning System

A good air conditioning system can make life much more comfortable during the hot summer months. If you don't have one and are considering getting one, you may have a lot of questions. If you would like to know more, check out these three questions to consider. 

1. Do You Have Ductwork?

If you don't already have central air conditioning or a forced-air heating system, you may not have ductwork. The ducts transport the cooled/heated air to vents on the floors, ceilings, or walls in various rooms throughout the home. You can add vents if you don't have any, but this increases the cost and make the process more invasive. You also may lack space for ductwork.

2. Should You Make Upgrades First?

Before getting a new system, you may want to consider making a few upgrades to your home first. These upgrades can boost the energy efficiency of your home so that you won't waste as much energy or money when cooling the home. Changes to consider may include:

  • Adding insulation, especially in the attic
  • Sealing any unnecessary holes or gaps in the home's exterior
  • Getting new energy-efficient windows or getting Low-E window clings

3. What Type of Air Conditioning System Should You Choose?

When choosing your air conditioning system, start by ensuring you choose the right size. A good HVAC technician can determine the right system size based on the size of your home. If your system is too big or small, it can become ineffective or waste money/energy.

If you don't have ductwork and don't want to or can't add ducts, you can consider an alternative: a mini-split system. These use smaller tubes and wires that send information and energy to cool various parts of the home.

Don't forget to consider the SEER rating. The SEER rating measures how much power a system uses vs. how much energy it puts out. Naturally, you want your system to put out as much energy as possible, so a higher SEER rating is ideal. Other factors to consider when looking include:

  • Energy Star ratings
  • Type of coolant
  • Additional air filtration or air purification
  • Dehumidifier/humidifier

An air conditioning system makes your home more comfortable, but it may also make it easier to sell the home when the time comes. Work with a good HVAC technician to choose an appropriate system for your home based on size, space, and needs. If you would like to know more, contact an HVAC technician in your area today.

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