Air Conditioning Installation With More Efficient Cooling Systems

When it is time to install a new AC  in your home, you want it to be efficient. Thus, choosing the right type of system and features is crucial. Today, modern air conditioning systems give you a lot of options for an efficient HVAC design. Options to consider for your efficient AC installation include:

Conventional AC Alternatives

First, you may want to consider some alternatives to conventional AC designs. Today, there are options like evaporative coolers and residential cooling systems that use different systems to cool. These systems can be the sole cooling system, or they can be hybrid designs that use some type of small air conditioner installation. They can also include other features to control the climate in your home — improving efficiency and comfort.

High-Velocity Compact Ducts

You might also want to consider high-velocity systems for the cooling needs of your home. These can be highly efficient AC units that provide air through a system of compact ductwork. These systems are affordable and compact. The high-velocity systems also give you options for the type of AC unit, furnaces, and other solutions for a custom-designed HVAC system that meets the energy needs of your home.

Geothermal and AC Heat Pumps

The energy stored beneath the Earth's surface can also be harnessed to cool your home. These systems are geothermal HVAC heat pumps that use the median ground temperatures as a type of thermal exchange, which can also reduce your summer cooling costs. In addition, there are also heat pump options for AC systems, which can provide efficient cooling and heating during cold weather. These AC heat pumps are ideal for efficient AC replacements to replace both the air conditioner and furnace in your home.

Ductless HVAC Systems

Another type of efficient AC option is a ductless system. The ductless AC solutions can vary depending on the cooling needs of your home. The ductless systems use an outdoor condensing unit or heat pump and indoor air handlers. This reduces the need for conventional ductwork, which improves the efficiency of AC. In your home, you might want to install a mini-split system or multiple systems for different areas. The ductless systems are a great advantage because they allow you to use multiple systems or indoor units for the specific cooling and energy needs of your home.

When you want to update your home with an efficient AC solution, contact an AC installation service, such as Pacific Air & Heating, to learn more about these systems.